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Posted: January 9, 2024 в 4:16 pm

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Welcome To Shell – Harnessing His Fear

Look who’s back in the clutches of Miss Shell – poor Frank! He’s once again crossed her hard limits, and thus he gets the favor returned. Shuddering, quivering, and shaking in fear, Frank is terrified as Miss Shell describes in detail how far up his stomach she is going to lodge his testicles. So far, he will need them surgically removed.

After a few minutes of vivid, horrifying description of the suffering Miss Shell is going to cause him, Frank is too scared to do anything right now. His puny cock being at the mercy of Miss Shell’s thrashing, causing him to fidget and shiver all over. And with his hands and feet bound and chained, he will have no chance of resisting or escaping and will be pushed to endure Miss Shell’s ballbusting.

Like the scaredy-cat that he is, Frank’s legs are already shaking, desperately gasping for air. He’s fully aware that his body will be all out of whack after Miss Shell is done giving his teeny tiny cock a good beating.

Frank is really embracing the whole “desperate and terrified” aesthetic as he wriggles around, desperately trying to mentally prepare himself for the impending onslaught of his master’s strong slaps and kicks. As a matter of fact, Miss Shell can’t help but get fired up when she catches a glimpse of Frank’s pint-sized pecker as it only fuels her desire to demolish him and his puny, throbbing balls. A couple of well-placed, powerful slaps and kicks and he’ll be howling for mercy in no time!

With legs spread wide, eyes shut tight, and breath quickening, Frank experiences an unexpected blow that leaves him crumpled on the floor, whimpering and feeling utterly defeated, like the helpless little bitch that he is. Calling red- he starts to sob in pain as Miss Shell swiftly moves to uncuff and tend to his pitiful sobs.

Featuring: Akira Shell
Size: 1.0 GB
Duration: 00:09:00 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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