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Posted: September 1, 2023 в 5:14 pm

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Welcome To Shell – Breaking Hard Limits

Miss Shell’s new slave in consideration Frank has not only directly disobeyed Miss Shell, but has crossed her hard limit regardless of her warnings of paying back the disfavor. Determined to share the heart dropping, adrenaline rushing feeling of a hard limit being crossed, Miss Shell informs Frank that if he wishes to stay in consideration he is to withstand 10 whole minutes of ballbusting- her favorite!

Stop your crying and whimpering- take what you deserve my little bitch. Now put your hands behind your back, drop your pants, and stand with your legs shoulder-width apart!

Miss Shell commands him to stand perfectly still, and fires off her kicking. Flinching away, Frank moves his hips and positions himself to get kicked square in the tip of the dick, causing the kick to radiate pain directly in an even more concentrated area. The greatest way to avoid getting harmed more than you already will is to stay absolutely still while anticipating Miss Shell’s forcefulkicks and punches, striking right at his cock and tender balls. Unable to resist from flinching, Frank gets to experience being placed in the spreader bar and cuffs!

Now with the metal bar wedged in between Frank’s feet and the leather shackles keeping him from moving or escaping, Frank has nowhere to go but before Miss Shell, where he will have no choice but to ride out the next intense minutes with his legs spread wide open, shaking in fear. After getting all squirmy, Frank feels even more pain as MIss Shell literally kickstarts his searing pain! Miss Shell’s authoritative dominance over Frank has made her even more frightening than before, and the extent to which she has beaten and kicked his cock has left him terrified. Should he break these cuffs, Miss Shell will surely split his balls open!

Yes, Miss Shell. It’s all Frank has to say as Miss Shell pats his soft, squishy, delicate balls with her foot, smacking him with the softest that she can, preparing him for the kicks and slaps to come. This is the time for him to submit to Miss Shell’s authority, as doing so will cause him less pain than struggling against her. Moaning so hard in a muffled voice, Frank gasps for air as he gets kicked and busted in his squishy balls, slapping his cock so hard, and then kicking his balls after, which causes his entire crotch to feel swollen and sore. This eye opening session ultimately leads him to get knocked on the floor, with Miss Shell looming over him laughing at his displeasure.

Featuring: Akira Shell
Size: 1.5 GB
Duration: 00:13:01 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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