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Posted: January 2, 2022 в 11:14 pm

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AkiraShell – Men’s Secret Shame

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Here to educate you today on the true differences between men and woman, Akira delivers the gruelingly honest truth while making men succumb to their true places in the patriarchy. Men are always trying to act big and strong and treat women like they are physically inferior. They pretend that’s why they don’t want to compete with women in sports and especially contact sports like wrestling and fighting. The truth: Men’s secret shame. She knows a secret about you; in fact Akira knows a secret about men in general. The secret is that men act big, strong, tough to hide our insecurity. You don’t want to compete against girls because you are actually afraid to lose. Afraid you aren’t as strong as you think you are and afraid that being a man is actually a disadvantage cause you have a weak spot girls don’t. Because I were born a girl and have a pussy, I am naturally physically superior cause while boys may be generally bigger girls don’t have a weak spot and you are only as strong as your weakest link. If women exploit men’s weak spot to beat them it will prove that any size or strength advantage the testosterone produced by testicles isn’t enough to overcome the weakness they create. If women don’t exploit men’s weakness then it proves they don’t even really provide an advantage which is a belief men hold onto strongly because it’s not as bad if that they are a weak spot, just as long as they provide an advantage. If they barely provide any advantage then it’s more embarrassing that they are just a weak spot. I understand the patriarchy is to blame for creating impossible standards for men leading to our fragile masculinity. You are embarrassed and that’s why you are in denial. It’s because our culture tries to protect men’s egos by continuing the lie that men are the physically superior sex by doing things like portraying men as the action hero and the girl is always the damsel in . Because of this boys get the idea at an early age they are the stronger sex. Eventually you learn about your testicles and how vulnerable they actually are as boys. Because of the cognitive dissonance this creates boys can’t handle this realization. Boys and men try to cope with this blow to their male ego and the shame about their weak testicles in different ways. Men try to deal with this cognitive dissonance, however they can only try to hide/deny it, joke about it or if that doesn’t work sometimes in a moment of weakness they give in and admit it to someone. Having undeniable proof of this, Akira reviles her client as ‘guy’ in an article she read about men’s secret to try to deal with their shame. Agreeing with the article that men don’t kick each other in the balls to protect the myth of masculinity, and how I know you the one who broke down and admitted it. “Guy’s” embarrassment but a gift to women. I know you’re embarrassed by it and feel like you have betrayed men, but it’s actually a good thing that you display men’s secret shame surrounding testicles. How men can stop hiding their secret shame and women can realize they aren’t the weaker sex and are in fact stronger so they can take their rightful place as the superior sex. Lastly Akira suggests that you hit yourself in the balls a few times to ensure you remember just how sensitive you am down there and that you should re-watch this video anytime you find yourself drifting back into denial about being the weaker sex.

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