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Posted: January 7, 2024 в 6:56 pm

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Welcome To Shell – Re Wiring For Busting

Welcome back to Shell! Today Miss Shell has Frank, once again in a tight spot, all tied up and ready for some intense ballbusting. And who better to deliver that than the incredible Akira Shell, also known as Miss Shell, the ultimate goddess of domination! Disappointed in his ability to take ballbusting in the past, Miss Shell is back with some hard mental re-wiring methods to get her slaves cock to stand rigid and hard as he anticipates the powerful blows.

Every nerve standing on edge, Frank anxiously braces himself from getting his balls busted. He can’t help but gasp and shiver, not because he’s excited or anything, but because he’s genuinely terrified of his mistress wrecking him down there. When Miss Shell’s firm hand clenches to slap Frank’s testicles, he quickly takes a step back with his legs. Frank is just a flinching little bitch, and he ought to say sorry for being one. Well, it seems he’s just desperate to be Miss Shell’s obedient little slave, her very own plaything, catering to her every whim and desire in the Shell lair. He knows that he isn’t getting away easy this time, as she stares at her heeled sexy feet.

Despite Frank’s anticipation of the strength and power behind Miss Shell’s slaps and punches to his testicles, he finds himself unable to suppress his moans of pain and involuntary flinching as her firm hands deliver a devastating blow to his balls. He takes a few deep breaths, trying to calm his nerves, but his anxiety persists. Miss Shell’s playful nature adds to his unease as she teases him by grinding her backside against him and unexpectedly delivering blows to his groin. After a brief recovery from the initial ballbusts, Miss Shell gracefully drops to her knees. With her impressive strength, she skillfully applies pressure and squeezes his cock from underneath. Frank’s body jerks upward, overwhelmed by the sudden shock and intense pain caused by the powerful impact of the ballbusting.

Miss Shell is really going all out, using her black heels to apply intense pressure on poor Frank’s balls. It’s a relief that Frank was able to handle the impact of the heels, but his hope of enduring the pain doesn’t last long. Miss Shell decides to use her own strong legs and kicks him right in the balls. This causes him to flinch and tremble in intense pain. The dominatrix’s hard kicks really take a toll on Frank’s balls! They become so swollen and sore, it’s like they’re about to burst. Poor Frank is getting himself all worked up, closing his eyes, and getting really nervous. He fidgets nervously, dreading the impending pain that awaits his already tender groin. Miss Shell’s aggressive ballbusting methods – strong kicks, slaps, and punches, leave him quite on edge.

What could possibly go wrong for Frank? He’s going to hurt, as is typical for a subservient slave in the Shell Lair; after all, Miss Shell enjoys watching her slaves writhe in agony while she gorges herself on their cries of anguish. Ballbusting is clearly her preferred pastime, and she’s having a ball (pun intended) extracting happiness and energy from her devoted subject. Pleased with her slave’s performance this time, Miss Shell is eager to continue training her submissive to take harder and deeper kicks to the balls.

Featuring: Akira Shell
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