Ballbusting Guru is the name and our site, believe it or not, focuses on ballbusting. There are many femdom and BDSM genres out there, but ballbusting just takes the cake, as far as we are concerned. There’s nothing hotter than watching some good-looking chick completely decimate someone’s useless balls. That’s the ultimate thrill, the ultimate fantasy… and we’re bringing you closer to it. No matter what your actual deepest fantasy is, don’t worry, we got you covered.

You see our clean and simple design and the first thing that you should note is the fact that there are several categories available. First off, we have a collection of ballbusting/CBT pornography. Seems pretty straightforward, hopefully, we don’t have to describe ballbusting porn to you? The second category is Cock and Balls Trampling in which you will find thousands of videos featuring naughty girls enjoying some seriously brutal trampling. They aren’t just playing around with punching and kicking that dick/balls. They go balls-to-the-walls, they stomp and trample, they make sure that useless thing is completely flattened.

The third category is Cock Insertion. This one is NOT for the faint of heart. It revolves around sounding and if you don’t know what that is, just go and look it up. Maybe look at the previews to get a great of what Cock Insertion is. Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like – girls inserting pins, needles, metal rods and their heels inside of a random cock. That causes irreparable internal damage, everyone leaves happy. The last category is the most immersive one, it features POV videos only. They put you in the driver’s seat, basically. You get to experience the dirty talking, the beatdowns, everything. These videos are among the hottest that we have to offer because the whole experience revolves around you. Your useless cock. Your pathetic balls. Your pain and your pleasure.

We update our ever-growing collection of high-quality pornography every other day, so don’t worry, you will never EVER run out of hot ballbusting videos to enjoy. We wanna make sure you spend all of your free time on here. This website is highly addictive, don’t tell we didn’t warn you. So, yeah, we have updates. We have high quality. The videos featured on here all run in 1080p and 720p. There are many 4k vids as well. The download process is incredibly simple, by the way. You just click on the link the bottom of the page and download the whole damn thing from a third-party hosting that offers the best possible speed for you. Of course, you can also leave your comments to tell us what you think about any given video. You can also vote for the latest updates, letting us know what kinds of videos our visitors want.

All of that (and so much stuff we didn’t bring up) is what makes this experience perfect. We are not kidding, we are not exaggerating, we are not patting ourselves on the back. Our aim was to create a website that we ourselves would unquestionably love. Well… mission accomplished, as they say. Good luck and have fun here.