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Posted: February 24, 2017 в 8:40 pm

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The Beautiful Goddess Hollee James has her slave trapped in the torture table. She wears her pink Jelly Flat Slippers and teases her slave by lifting her bare heel up out of the back of the shoe, until it asks to put his cock inside! She allows it but then CRUSHES HIS COCK INSIDE HER SHOE!!! Once it is squeezed out, she then TRAMPLES ALL OVER HIS MANHOOD!!! She TRAMPLES HIS BALLS FLAT as they look like squishy water balloons bulging from beneath the flat soles of her shoes!!! When the Goddess discovers a few specs of bl’od, kicks his balls with anger and then STOMPS on his balls AND THE HEAD OF HIS DICK!!! She threatens to cut IT off as she grinds his cock back and forth against the hard wooden floor with the bottom of her shoe! She gives it some brutally hard ballbusting kicks!!! She completely disregards the slaves complaints as she continues to torture it!..and if that wasn’t enough, she then does some hard landing JUMPS ON HIS JUNK and BOUNCES ON HIS BALLS LIKE THEY WERE HER TRAMPOLINES!!! She then does a few exercises and jogs on his cock and balls until his package is nothing more than a soft pile of mush on the floor!!!

Starring: Goddess Hollee James
Size: 560.11 Mb
Duration: 00:15:28 min
Resolution: 640×480
Format video: mpg


Download link:
Junk Jumping Jellies.mpg – 560.1 MB

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