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Posted: March 25, 2017 в 8:07 pm

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(WARNING: THIS IS HARDCORE CBT AND NOT FOR SOFTCORE VIEWERS!!!) The very sexy goddess Hollee James is wearing a sexy new pair of hot pink pumps!!! She mercilessly crams her stiletto heel into the slaves sac PULVERIZING HIS NUTS as there is nowhere for them to escape the crushing force!!! She takes great delight in lodging her heel into his sac and twisting it around!!! The poor slave screams in fear as its ball cords are getting TWISTED BEYOND BELIEF but the cruel goddess shows no concern for the damage she is causing!!! You can actually hear the excitement in her sexy voice as she laughs and just continues to twist until she bores a hole into his ball sac with her heel!!! She then sinks her sexy heels into his shaft and the head of his dick at the same time and then just stands there with all of her sexy weight crushing his poor cock until she is satisfied!!! She even leaves a really nice HEEL IMPRINT ON HIS COCKHEAD!!! And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, she then decides to try JUMPING UP AND DOWN on his junk with these sexy shoes!!! She FLATTENS HIS PATHETIC COCK beneath the soles as they crash down on his meat and even lands with her heels directly onto his balls causing the slave to scream out in pain!!! The heartless goddess then VIOLENTLY KICKS HIS BALLS around and even STOMPS HARD on his damaged goods!!! Hollee then spikes both of her heels into each one of his ball at the same time effectively destroying whatever may have been left of his poor useless balls!!!

Starring: Goddess Hollee James
Size: 254.71 Mb
Duration: 00:07:13 min
Resolution: 640×480
Format video: mpg


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