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Posted: March 25, 2017 в 8:01 pm

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(WARNING: THIS IS HARDCORE CBT AND NOT FOR SOFTCORE VIEWERS!!) The Beautiful Goddess Hollee James wants her slaves cock to be limp but he is instantly turned on at the very sight of the sexy goddess legs and feet in her Neon Yellow Pumps!!! She teaches his cock and balls a harsh lesson!!! She VICIOUSLY digs her sharp high heels into his nut sac with the intent to damage his eggs!!! She then STOMPS DOWN HARD on the slaves helpless cock and balls!!! She has the poor slaves mouth gagged, so the loud hard thud sound from each stomp as SHE SLAMS HER FOOT DOWN on his poor meat easily covers his complaints!!! She flattens his balls and the cock gets crushed by her sexy careless stomping heels causing some red stuff to appear at the tip!!!

The goddess hates getting her shoes dirty with slave fluid so she then proceeds to clean up the mess with a cloth rag. She places it over his junk and then brutally tramples it with his genital beneath without being able to see what she’s stepping on!!!.and she didn’t seem to give a about it!!! Once the table is clean she discards the rag and then FLATTENS OUT EVERYTHING beneath the soles of her shoes while VERBALLY HUMILIATING it and even forces it to submit to self degradation while she demolishes his poor worthless cock and balls away with all of her sexy weight!!! She stands FULL WEIGHT ON THE HEAD OF HIS COCK twisting and smearing it flat like a discarded cigarette while it must professes his love for her!!!

More red fluid comes from the damaged cock and so she uses the cloth rag once more to clean up the dirty slave mess on the table! The nervous slave can only watch as the goddess playfully stomps around his covered cock just barely missing! And then his covered cock once again grows with excitement..but this proves to be a mistake! The playful stomps stopped, and the stomps started slamming down dangerously hard all over his poor cock!!!..he won’t be getting it up anytime soon..even WITH permission!!!

Starring: Goddess Hollee James
Size: 485.46 Mb
Duration: 00:13:26 min
Resolution: 640×480
Format video: mpg


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Do NOT Get Hard.mpg – 485.5 MB

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