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Posted: February 24, 2017 в 8:29 pm

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The Beautiful Goddess Hollee James is on the torture table this time with her lovely bare feet!!! It isn’t long before the slaves trapped manhood is SMASHED BENEATH HER SEXY SOLES!!! She MARCHES ALL OVER HIS WORTHLESS JUNK crushing his meat with her bare heels!!! His poor BALLS ARE CONSTANTLY FLATTENED as she steps on them repeatedly with her full weight!!! She ignores his whimpering as she enjoys feeling HIS NUTS ROLL BENEATH HER BARE FEET LIKE LITTLE MARBLES!!! She lifts up her heels and pounds them back down on his poor nuts and even starts bouncing with all of her weight landing right ON HIS TESTICLES!!! The Goddess notice the slave becomes excited as it watches her beautiful feet smash his she decides to tease it by spreading her long toes and stroking his throbbing member with her silky soft soles while stepping on his cock!!! She sees the slave obviously cant withstand much more of this and so she then stops leaving the poor slave at the edge without allowing it a happy ending!..what a cruel bitch!

Starring: Goddess Hollee James
Size: 462.46 Mb
Duration: 00:12:52 min
Resolution: 640×480
Format video: mpg


Download link:
Barefoot Silver Toes Ball Smash.mpg – 462.5 MB

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  • Dayvon
    Author: Dayvon Added April 27, 2017 в 05:40

    Does he cum in these?


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