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Posted: July 4, 2024 в 2:42 pm

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I knew these wedge heels would hurt him, but I was shocked how messy it turned out. With his balls individually separated, they have NO escape whatsoever. Only the first min forty-five could be posted because my stomps to his testicles broke them open to the point where they were leaking heavily for the rest of the clip. If you like it extreme, this is one you don’t want to miss. I waste no time as I was already in the mood to really damage him tonight. The stiff transparent wedges and the combination of his balls being tied really allowed me to target them easily. I start by stepping on his balls and stomp my heel into his big hard dick. I stomp his balls and put him in his place right off the start. I march full weight and stomp his balls hard over and over. I ask him if he’s going to take it as if he has a choice. I drive the heel of my wedge over and over into his right testicle and break it open as I laugh at it. *This is where the censored clip ends* I stand on his broken balls and squeeze them hard. I LOVE how they have no escape from my cruel stomps. I stomp him over and over, splashing red mess all over the table. I order him to take the pain as he cries. I seriously crush and twist full weight on him as I please. I love it. I love not feeling the wood fully balancing on him. The damage to his right ball continues to open as red mess is pouring out of it every time I step on and stomp it. I spit on him and continue having my fun. He can shiver in pain all he wants. I march on his dick and balls with my heels, carelessly destroying him as he cries. I order him to take my weight as I smash his balls. They start to swell SO BIG, so I kick them over and over. I march hard and long on him then violently stomp his balls with the heel of my wedges and break open his left testicle. The table now stained with bright red and his balls just oozing mess out. I take a second to show off the damage. I step on his destroyed nuts, spit on his dick, and rub it as I order him to cum for me. I rub and rub until I get ALL the cum out of him. I take my shoes off and show the beautiful mess I made before leaving him emptied in pain with his testicles still pouring out red mess with pink and white cum sprayed on the table. I can’t wait to do this again but with some sharp high heels! I can imagine them exploding after being punctured over and over with every step. *This will be my last clip for some time, so now is a great time to catch up on all of my cruel, sadistic clips. Until next time*

Featuring: Miss Luxmi
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