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Posted: July 2, 2024 в 12:46 pm

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Time for some spooky and cruel trampling in high heels! Wearing these bright orange high heels tonight and I intend to leave a mark or two to add to all the scars left by me on my slave’s balls. The soles of these heels are not stiff. They’re rubbery so they grip and pinch so easily. But unfortunately for my slave, I still find my way to rip him apart and make a mess. It just took longer and more effort, but he has to suffer and take it! I start by stepping on his balls, squishing them hard. I’m not so nice tonight so I start marching on his balls and jabbing right through them to the wood underneath. I step on the tip of his dick and then stomp his balls hard. I want them big and swollen so I can pop them! I hold them down and use my heel to try and pop them. He starts to cry as I press my heel into his balls over and over. I walk all over him carelessly and stand on his balls with my heel. I crush him full weight on my toes, careless about his cries. I need to see red tonight, so I hold them down and really start putting holes in them. This is where this version of the clip on c4s end. In the uncensored version, things clearly get messy. I bust him open, staining the table and my heels. I keep pressure on them, making them leak more with every crush. I kick his balls then march on them carelessly. He starts shivering in pain as I continue to have my fun destroying them. His dick is still hard. I love it. Gives me something else to crush. I stomp his balls with my heels repeatedly for a long time, breaking them from inside and out. I spit on his dick as lube. His red mess is enough lube for his balls. I march on him with my heels, pinching and crushing him as he’s still crying. I applaud him for taking it then stomp his balls hard and rip them apart more with my heel. After that, I crush his broken balls and rub his dick for as long as it takes to empty them! I don’t care how numb you are or how much pain you’re in, I want to see cum! I stomp his balls violently a few times when he doesn’t cum for me hoping it’s enough to make him obey. Eventually, both balls crushed under my sole, I rub all the useless cum out his swollen, bruised balls. I show off the stains on my heels and stomp his balls some more before leaving.

Featuring: Miss Luxmi
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