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Posted: July 8, 2024 в 5:24 pm

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Tonight, it’s all about pain! I want my slave to endure extreme pain as I carelessly trample his dick and balls. It came to an erupt end as there was no point making him cum. By the end of the clip, his balls were severely punctured, and his tip nearly burst as I stomped on it violently and carelessly with my sharp heel over and over, making a big mess. From the beginning, I made him feel my heels as I march all over his balls, putting holes in them. There is no mercy beneath me when I’m in the mood to seriously damage my slave. He was crying nearly the entire time. I tell him to shut up, then hold his balls down and aggressively stomp my heel into them, grinding them down and stomping on them hard. *this is where this clip on c4s ends as things start to get messy after* in the full version, I march on his punctured balls and really bust them open and make a mess pour down to the table as I march and crush his battered balls. They swell and bruise quickly as I laugh at his pain. I order him to take the pain and embrace it. I crush his balls and stomp his dick as they drip and drip on to the table. I spit on him and rub it into him as I verbally degrade him. I crush his broken balls and play with his dick a little bit before stomping them hard over and over. Hid big dick got in the way so I fold it over and stomp it on top of his balls too. I use my heels and attempt to slice his balls, putting more holes into them. I squeeze them under my sole and stomp on them with my heel, bruising them and crushing them to the point they’re about to burst. I turn around and march on his broken balls full weight as hard as I can, shredding them apart as he cries in pain more than ever. I face away from him and start stomping on his leaking, punctured balls. From this angle, its only inevitable that my sharp heel lands on his dick and it sure did! The last 2 stomps completely broke him. His dick instantly bruises and swells on one side and was sliced right open on the other, causing a huge mess to start leaking out of him. I cut it short as I felt he was nearly castrated as LOTS more than expected poured out of him after the clip was ended. He doesn’t get to cum this time, but I will definitely drain those destroyed balls next time! Maybe in heels again. Sharper ones.

Featuring: Miss Luxmi
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Duration: 00:04:16 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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