AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS – A Knee To The Heart Over and Over

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Posted: November 20, 2023 в 7:24 pm

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AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS – A Knee To The Heart Over and Over

Goddess Venus and Princess Hannah are hanging outside with this simping loser. Goddess Venus KNOWS that this pathetic beta is sooooo in love with her, and she really wants to break its heart (and its balls) just for the fun of it. She spits in this loser’s face before kneeing it right in the nuts, dropping this loser to the ground. Princess Hannah laughs and joins in on the fun!

Spread on all fours, one girls sits on top of the slave while the other repeatedly crushes its beta balls with their bare feet! Goddess Venus toys with this betas little heart and pretends to “wonder” if they could actually be in a relationship! Hahahahahahah Of course this stupid dummy falls for it (EVERY TIME) only to have its heart and balls crushed into a million pieces! Princess Hannah and Goddess Venus demand this beta work EXTRA hard for the privilege of worshiping them…. So not only does it get kicked in the balls over and over and over again, but it has to do PUSH-UP’S to kiss their feet and show that it CAN be “alpha” hahahahahahahah (LMAO AS IF THAT’S EVEN POSSIBLE)

Some losers REALLY are just STUPID! I wonder how many kicks this loser took in this clip? Probably NOT enough hahahahahahah

– Miss Lexi Chase

Featuring: Goddess Venus, Princess Hannah
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Duration: 00:08:22 min
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