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Posted: July 28, 2023 в 2:05 pm

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American Mean Girls – Ball Breaking Bonus

I drag in a beta on a leash and prop it up in the middle of the room for all the Pretty Girls to see (AKA Point and laugh at). Since there are TWO new girls visiting the Mean Girl Manor, I want to give them the pleasure of kicking in a beta’s useless balls! (This loser seems to be anticipating a LOT of pain, which is a SMALL price to pay to be in our presence) LOL

I stand next to the slave and hold it by the leash, to hold it in place and try to keep from falling. Princess Alexandria gives a quick demonstration on how to properly destroy a pair a beta balls before letting the other girls “have at it!”. I would normally take place in this activity (cause who doesn’t like to kick a loser in the nuts) but my super hot outfit doesn’t allow me the range of motion to completely DESTROY this loser. (Not to worry though, I get my kicks in another clip). This is the FIRST time that Nyomi and Hannah are kicking someone in the balls, so it’s important that they keep kicking until they feel good about it. To really encourage these girls to kick harder, I decide to make it a little competition! I will sit on my throne and judge each kick to determine a “winner”. The girl who kicks the hardest will get a $100 BONUS! Princess Alexandria will help me judge and hold the slave in position.

Sometimes the girls don’t get a good enough kick and we award them a “do over” & eventually lose count of how many kicks each girl gets lol. Despite a clear winner at the end, all the girls have fun breaking this loser DOWN!

Featuring: Hannah, Princess Alexandria, Nyomi, Princess Amber
Size: 851.1 MB
Duration: 00:13:35 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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