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Posted: December 7, 2023 в 3:13 pm

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One of our slaves has just been left outside for the past day or two, waiting to be used for whatever we want. We call this slave “no nutz” because we want to use it for our ballbusting clips until its testicles are literally DESTROYED. But unfortunately, this thing still has testicles!!! We decide we NEED to change that!! I walk up to it and tilt its head up with the tip of my finger and look directly into its eyes “you DO want to sacrifice your nuts for our entertainment and profit, DON’T you, loser??”

I explain to it how much MONEY it will make for US when its balls are literally DESTROYED on camera for us! (Princess Mia is encouraging me from behind the camera… she LOVES filming worthless males’ nuts being DESTROYED!) Mia even says she is gonna get some good SUPER close-up shots of it so we can all watch it’s testicle destruction in slo-mo on Mean Girl Movie Night at Mean Girl Manor! ALL the Mean Girls are excited! We explain to the loser how WORTHLESS it is, and how THIS sacrifice of its “sac” will give its life some meaning. We all take turns literally getting a running start and trying to DESTROY this loser’s testicles!

Each Mean Girl runs up and kicks HARDER than the last! We have to keep pulling the slave back up by its leash and repositioning it to “take MORE for Us!!!” Our hope and goal is to literally smash them up into the slave’s stomach so we can film the results… that its nutz are GONE! And this slave will receive its “glory” from such a “sac”-rifice for its Superiors pleasure and profit!

Watch the video to see if we accomplish our goal! Do you want to come to Mean Girl Manor to sacrifice your nuts for the highest glory a slave can receive?? Then go fill out Our Slave Application, loser!!!

– Princess Amber

Featuring: Princess Amber, Princess Alexandria, Ava, Lexi
Size: 1.7 GB
Duration: 00:15:22 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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