AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS – 18 Year Old Girl Breaks Old Man’s Balls

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Posted: November 16, 2023 в 6:04 pm

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AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS – 18 Year Old Girl Breaks Old Man’s Balls

Amber, Venus and Reign are all hanging out again trying to think of some more fun things to do! Princess Amber asks Goddess Reign if she has tried ball busting yet (WHICH SHE HAD NEVER!) Goddess Venus gets super excited because she LOVES ballbusting! Ever since she kicked her first set of balls last month, she just cannot get enough (and who could blame her! Lol) Princess Amber decides to use Goddess Venus’s chair for Reign to kick!

Amber and Venus demonstrate on this old loser how to kick losers balls! It’s honestly not as easy as it looks… like you gotta have good aim because you REALY want it to CRUSH and HURT the slave’s balls lol. Then you also have to make sure you kick it in the right place (so like you don’t accidentally hurt yourself and like chip a toenail or something tragic!) Goddess Reign is eager to do a good job so that she can make content kicking beta’s balls and sell it for lots of money! Princess Amber and Goddess Venus laugh every time the slave gets knocked down & encourage Reign to kick harder every time! LOL.

Even Princess Amber couldn’t help herself and get some kicks in too! (She just so happened to be wearing some very spiky red bottoms, oops!) Watch these girls really pile on the pain as they get caught up in the thrill of breaking this old losers balls! Hahahahaha

– Miss Lexi Chase

Featuring: Amber, Goddess Venus, Goddess Reign
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