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Posted: April 26, 2023 в 7:16 pm

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BALLBUSTING feat AstroDomina (HD)

Look what I’ve got here.. a ball busting bitch, ready to get kicked. Let’s see if I can take him down!

Goddess Sydney is ready for her newest ballbusting session. She’s been working on getting some frustration out, and nothing does that better for her than kicking some loser balls in! This slave she has today claims to be a ballbusting enthusiast, but we’ll see if he can withstand her powerful kicks! She’s wearing her shiny tall boots and gets straight into it as she places a few swift kicks to his nuts. He winces immediately but of course, they’re just getting started!

She places him in the perfect spot and starts deliver one hard kick after another. He dutifully takes it all for her, but she’s really working him over. She even has him turn around so he can’t see her kicks coming. She lands a few good ones before really hitting him square in the nuts! He doubles over but doesn’t go down, he apparently has more lasting power than most slaves, but she really enjoys this because it does make the session last longer.

Now that she’s all warmed up, she decides to take off her boots. While the boots do help a bit, there’s nothing like kicking a slaves nuts barefoot. She orders him to kneel in front of her and keeps on giving him one powerful kick after another. Those Muay Thai lessons really paid off! She allows him to strip down so she can really pound into his nutsack. He’s really taking a lot of pain, but will he survive til the end? Watch and find out!

Featuring: AstroDomina
Size: 1.3 GB
Duration: 00:13:59 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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