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Posted: March 9, 2024 в 11:28 am

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BALLBUSTING BALCONY feat AstroDomina & Jasmine Mendez

Both Jasmine and me love to bust a loser’s nuts, so this stupid slave is gonna get the double treatment!

Goddess Sydney is with Jasmine Mendez and they have one of their slaves at the hotel ready to play with him and have some fun with his ballsack! The slave doesn’t even know what’s coming. They order him to crawl out onto the balcony so they can bust his nuts in front of the whole world. Literally anyone passing by will be able to watch him get his nuts kicked in by these two cruel Goddesses.

They order him to kneel and spread em, and each give him a few warm up kicks. He’s already feeling it but these two are just getting started! They both give him a good square kick to the nuts and he instantly doubles over as they laugh at him. He’s already struggling but they don’t care and they make him sit up again for even more kicks, knowing the whole time anyone could be walking by right at that moment.

Both Sydney and Jasmine have a ton of fun digging into this slave’s nuts, especially with the added humiliation of being on public display. They even make him wave to the world as he tries to comfort his busted ballsack. You definitely don’t want to offer your nuts to these two unless you’re ready to handle a heavy beating!

Featuring: AstroDomina, Jasmine Mendez
Size: 427.4 MB
Duration: 00:04:48 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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