AVN BALLBUSTING – SPICY EDITION feat AstroDomina & Laughing Latina

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Posted: March 17, 2024 в 4:38 pm

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AVN BALLBUSTING – SPICY EDITION feat AstroDomina & Laughing Latina

This poor slave is about to feel the full wrath of both of our boots!

Goddess Sydney and Goddess Jasmine are enjoying their trip to the AVN awards, which means they’re going to have at least a few ballbusting sessions. They finally got a slave to step up and take the brunt of both of their kicks, which tells you just how much of a masochist he must be. Nobody can deny just how powerful these two Goddesses legs are and they’re both wearing tall spiky boots! This slave is truly in for some pain to the nuts!

They don’t waste any time getting started, and make him stand at attention with his nuts just hanging out there. They lay in several hard kicks, which he takes as best he can but he’s already wincing at the pure power behind those heels slamming into his balls. They’re just getting warmed up though! They love just how scared he looks before every kick, but to make things worse they make him stand facing away so he can’t even see when the kicks are coming.

They both make him fold over more than once, then Jasmine grabs his balls and starts mercilessly punching them. She laughs at his desperate cries as he takes every punch. Then they decide to double team in and just start kicking him from both sides together, laughing at his reactions at all the pain they’re dishing out.

If you thought you’ve seen true ballbusting action, you haven’t seen this video yet! He may be experienced but they’ll have him begging for mercy by the end, it’s just too bad for him they don’t know the definition of the word. Shot with two cameras so you get every single painful angle, you’ll be left wondering if this slave will leave with any remains of his nuts intact!

Featuring: AstroDomina, Jasmine Mendez
Size: 820.8 MB
Duration: 00:09:52 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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