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Posted: June 23, 2022 в 5:31 pm

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My slab of slave meat awaits my entry, I have only one thing in mind for him today: slow, torturous stapling of his flesh…

Slave K is often the subject of my sadistic desire, I enjoy little more than strapping him down and having him endure whatever cruel predicament that I can think up, today is no different. During our first visit to MM Studios in London we were sure to make good use of the excellent vintage medical facilities available.. Lucky I brought along my medical staple kit. K’s body is mine to sadistically torment in any way I please, I own him and his suffering brings me great enjoyment.

After setting up and cleaning my slave meat down, I try the first staple on his torso; clamping the skin between my fingers, and pressing the stapler to the fold. The stainless steel staple is pushed into his flesh, pinching his skin together. One down, many more to go… I apply more staples across his torso, the skin pulled tight against the staples, the intensity of sensation growing with each pinch.

I move down to his balls and assess his ballsack for the best placement for the first staple. I pinch the skin on the front side of his ballsack gently and apply a staple to bind the skin together. My slave grunts and breathes deeply, suffering beautifully for me. The next staple is placed and he flinches in response to the pain. He tells me it is painful, but I encourage him to take a few more to his balls in order to please me. I work my way down the centre of his ballsack, creating a lattice of painful steel.

Almost satisfied, I remove the staples from his torso so that I can see the damage to his flesh. Each staple has left a pair of puncture wounds and wonderfully red marks where they have pulled the skin taught. I decide to add a few more staples to his balls to complete his torment. After all, I adore how the staples look binding his balls, a wonderful reminder of his submission to me.

Starring: Miss Anna Elite
Size: 1.1 GB
Duration: 00:10:24 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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