Mistress Anna Elite – BUSTED FOR BAD MANNERS

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Posted: June 21, 2022 в 7:05 pm

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Mistress Anna Elite – BUSTED FOR BAD MANNERS

My slave has been staring at other womens’ feet all evening while we were out, and I find it incredibly disrespectful. He tries to apologise, but I won’t accept his pathetic attempts of apology. I tell him to get to his knees and look at my feet, as this is the last chance he will get. I instruct him to take off my beautiful heels, and I tell him that I will be punishing him with my perfect petite feet to teach him a lesson about self control. I instruct him to stand and strip completely naked, as I remind him how I have had enough of his despicable behaviour. I tell him to start crawling up the stairs, and before his knee touches the bottom step, I kick him viciously between his legs, landing my foot directly onto his balls. I continue to kick his balls as he struggles up the first few steps of the stairs. He falters and stalls, so I grab his balls and squeeze; telling him that by the time I am done with his balls they will be destroyed. No one disrespects me like that- he should be staring at my feet all night, not other people’s. I tell him to face me, back against the stairs so I can see his balls as I kick them. He begs for forgiveness, almost squeaking when my foot meets his balls repeatedly. He finally reaches the top of the stairs, but his balls look so kickable hung over the top step- so I tell him to lay down fully and I kick them hard again and again. He animalistically shouts into the carpet in response to each kick, struggling to keep his composure. His balls are trapped between each strike of my foot and the top step, with no escape. He finally crawls into the bedroom, and I instruct him to lay on the bed. With his balls vulnerable for me, I take them into my hand and squeeze. I tell him that I had a wonderful evening planned for him worshipping my feet, but instead he decided to disrespect me. As I tell him that this is his punishment, I squeeze his sack with his balls bulging, and punch them hard. This torment elicits some grunts and shouts of pain from my slave, much to my satisfaction. I wiggle my toes and show off my feet at the end of the bed, and he begs to worship them; but he is not worthy after his poor behaviour this evening. I instruct him to get on his knees on the bed, balls dangling ready for my kicks. The feet that he wishes to worship kick him directly on his balls repeatedly, and after each strike of my foot, he hunches over from the pain. He falls onto the bed and I continue to punch his balls, giving him no respite from the flurry of hits. As he lays on his back, I land my feet on his balls and mash them against his body with my perfect toes. If he ever disrespects me again, I will kick his balls so hard they will pop. He begs and pleads, and ensures me it’ll never happen again- he has learned his lesson.

Starring: Miss Anna Elite
Size: 1.1 GB
Duration: 00:11:14 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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