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Posted: June 16, 2022 в 8:10 pm

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Mistress Anna Elite & Mistress Tess – ROLL THE DICE

‘How do we decide how much torment our slave will endure?’ ‘Roll the dice!’

Slave A is going to suffer for us in the most enjoyable way today, his cock and balls will be tormented by the roll of a dice. Miss Tess and I have our slave laid out on the stretching wrack, wrists cuffed and stretched above his head. Mistress Tess toys with our slave, digging her fingernails into his balls and squeezing tightly, as I pinch his nipples to elicit a delicious reaction. We decide to use a dice to decide how much pain we will inflict on him- how long each element of torment will last. Mistress Tess brings sets up the E-stim kit and applies the electrodes to the slave’s cock. A couple of tester shocks prepare his pain threshold for what is about to come. A roll of the dice decides 4 seconds for the first shock of the E-stim. The slave shouts out in pain and twists his body in reaction to the electricity pulsing through his cock. Another roll of the dice and it dictates 5 seconds of E-stim this time the slave takes it very well for the full 5 seconds. But we are just getting started…

The next phase of torment is using the pinwheel. The E-stim is left on his cock on a slow pulse, to elevate his suffering a little more. The dice decides 3 seconds of the pinwheel, and Mistress Tess and I agree that his balls will be the next target! Mistress Tess carries out her 3 seconds of ball torment, after which I do the same- with a few shouts of pain from the slave. Another roll of the dice and we repeat the pinwheel torment for 4 seconds each- this time the slave is much more vocal in his suffering.

Our next implement of agony is a simple elastic band flicked on his balls. Again we roll the dice and it dictates 5 flicks of the elastic band. Mistress Tess wraps the elastic band around the slave’s balls, pulls back on one side, and releases the elastic rubber onto his sensitive testicles. The slave cries out in pain with each strike of the band, each hit making his balls more sensitive. It is my turn to inflict some pain onto his balls, and I make him shout out in pure agony, writhing with each strike of my rubber band to his balls. We get such amusement from his suffering as he pleads for mercy, however we encourage our slave to control his breathing with the next roll of the dice, and for the following set of strikes he is much more composed. We continue his torment with another round of the pinwheel.

For the final phase of his suffering, we bring out some crocodile clips. Mistress Tess rolls a perfect 6, so 6 clips are clamped onto his balls. His reaction increases with each individual clip closing over the delicate skin on his ballsack. We ramp up the E-stim and he is shaking with overstimulation. We propose a deal- with every clip we take off, the E-stim is increased by 5%. He begs for liberation from pain as Mistress Tess relentlessly jiggles the clips attached to his balls. He continues to shake his body as the clips are removed one by one, and the intensity of the E-stim is increased. He shouts out in pain and overstimulation, completely unable to control his reactions until we finally remove the implements of suffering attached to his cock and balls and leave him to recover in his stretched out position on the table.

A torturous punishment for our slave and a fun afternoon for us.

Starring: Miss Anna Elite, Mistress Tess
Size: 1.5 GB
Duration: 00:14:05 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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