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Posted: April 27, 2022 в 5:55 pm

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Mistress Anna Elite – HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER

‘If you don’t want me to tell, you will take whatever I decide’ After catching him in the act, my filthy, depraved stepdad finally admits to perving on me whilst I have been getting ready to go to a party. He just can’t seem keep his disgusting eyes off my PVC clad body. I’ve decided to wear a figure hugging black mini skirt, a seductive bra top that shows off my cleavage combined with sexy thigh high black boots and elbow length gloves. This shouldn’t be for him to enjoy, however. Really, I should tell on his disgusting behaviour, especially as I have to live with this pervert. However, I have something much more desirable in mind. His filthy secret will be safe as long as he now submits himself to my every whim. I start by slapping him around the face, the more he whimpers and whines the more enthusiastic I become; it’s all he deserves, after all. I can see his pathetic, small cock growing in his trousers, it’s laughable how aroused he is becoming at this situation. I order him to take his trousers and pants off, I want him to feel pathetic whilst in my presence. After being instructed to present himself with his cock and balls on show, I catch the pervert behaving disgracefully again! Staring at my cleavage won’t help his predicament. I grab his balls; squeezing, twisting and slapping them senseless. His impotent cock needs teaching a lesson, and I intend on making him suffer for me. After slapping and tormenting his perverted cock, I order him to humiliate himself further and wank for me. I have this weak, pathetic excuse of a man stroke his cock until nearly at the point of orgasm. His moans of desperation apparent, I grab his cock and I stroke him closer to the edge. Clearly turned on by the humiliation brought upon him, it is time for the final part of his punishment. As my pathetic stepdad begs me for permission to orgasm, I reach behind me and present a chastity cage. I secure the cage around his gross little balls and then I start cramming his hard, fit to burst, cock into the tight cage. I couldn’t care less if it hurts, he shouldn’t be such a disgusting pervert! His cock is caged, orgasm denied and his keys will remain safely with me until I am ready to torment him all over again…

Starring: Miss Anna Elite
Size: 581.9 MB
Duration: 00:10:25 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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