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Posted: March 27, 2021 в 10:16 pm

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Domina Planet – Play Ball! – Violet Viper, Olivia Serpente

Teen Queen Violet Viper is giving a tour of Femdom University to Her Femdom University Europen exchange student, Miss Olivia Serpente. She has already explored the smothering and foot worship classes, but today Violet has a special treat for Her.

There has been a neighborhood sexual predator that has been terrorizing local Women, and a couple of the victims were too afraid to report it but positively identified the creep that Violet tricked and captured in Her dungeon. They mean to teach the douchebag a lesson he….soon to be SHE…will never forget!

This time they have him suspended from a spreader bar in the dungeon, a cruel, nostril ring-gag with nipple clamps. The two sadists are sexily dressed, each sporting a pair of skimpy booty shorts that ride up their perfect asses and a sports bra. They just came back from a grueling, sweaty workout and are excited to use an inferior male for a cool-down play-toy. The hapless, helpless slave has his legs spread and cock and balls fully exposed and vulnerable.

They both grab a riding crop and start doing stretches on each side of his prone, hanging body. He can do nothing as they count out their stretches and calisthenics, each time whipping the slave on his sides, which is especially painful, laughing each time he groans in pain. Harder and harder they crop the slave until he has visible red welts all over his upper body. They start taking turns kicking the slave’s pathetic, dangling, cock, and balls.

First Mistress Olivia winds up one shapely leg, pointing Her sneaker-clad foot, She kicks the slave square in the balls – not at full strength, but enough to make him groan in pain. Violet does the same from behind, but the slave groans lightly. So Mistress Olivia just lets loose with another kick, harder this time, and another, and another, Violet adding one from the back each time, causing the slave to start moaning and even crying out in pain as they keep increasing the intensity, kicking his poor, vulnerable nuts harder and harder. The two superior Females are laughing in glee, clearly reveling in the slave’s suffering.

“Say thank you for the lesson We’re teaching you slave! You should be sobbing in gratitude that superior Goddesses such as ourselves take our valuable time to try and teach an inferior male like you proper respect. Not only that, but you have the privilege of tasting my sweaty sock and smelling my sweaty ass! I want to hear LOUD ‘THANK YOU’S”

They finally get the slave on the ground, and this time Violet sits on his face with Her booty shorts, covering his cries as She puts Her full weight onto the slave’s face. She reaches down and pulls the slave’s cock away so that Her friend can get a full kick onto the slave’s exposed balls. Mistress Olivia kicks the slave much harder this time, repeatedly, as She has an unimpeded pathway. Over and over, the slave trying to scream, but mostly muffled by the delicious ass in his face. But it’s still too much for Violet, who takes off Her shoe and sock while Olivia is kicking the slave’s gonads. She balls up the sweaty, stinky sock and lifts up off the slave’s face:

Which he of course does, and She crams the filthy damp sock into his mouth, immediately sitting back down on his face. He even tries to turn his head away, as he’s gagging on the sock, but She simply grabs his head with Her hand and holds it steady. She lifts up briefly again, just for a second, and once his face is aligned with Her asscrack, She puts Her full weight down on his face again aggressively, stopping him from getting much of any air.

The two then switch places, with Mistress Olivia putting Her exquisite ass directly onto the lucky slave’s face and grabs his cock to hold it back so Violet can destroy his balls. She starts kicking, harder and harder until the slave is really screaming, his face turning as red as a tomato. But this just eggs the two on, and Violet kicks harder and harder, while Mistress Olivia also gets some licks in with the riding crop on the slave nuts aren’t being kicked.

Finally, the slave can’t take anymore, is writhing back and forth, covered in bright-red, painful-looking welts and moaning loudly. The two sadists laugh again, feeling not a bit of pity for the slave, and leave him on his back alone in the dungeon.

Starring: Violet Viper, Olivia Serpente
Size: 326.5 MB
Duration: 00:08:46 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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