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Posted: April 9, 2021 в 9:27 pm

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Domina Planet – Violet Viper – I Get A Kick Out Of Your Balls

Mean Teen Queen Violet Viper is considering a new pain slave. She already interviewed the loser, and scheduled today’s audition and test. The slave applicant is on his knees, awaiting his Queen, shirt off, head bowed when the 19-Year-Old sadist strolls into the dungeon. She is clad in only a pair of white booty shorts and a crop-top, exposing Her perfect flat stomach and looong legs on Her 5’10 frame.

She immediately snaps a leash on the slave, sternly ordering him to keep his eyes downcast, She pulls on the leash to get the slave’s attention:

“Well slave, since you long to be my pain slave, I need to make sure that you can take any kind of pain that my perfect, superior body, decides to inflict on your disguting, pathetic body.”

“Yes Goddess”

She starts walking around the slave, still grasping the leash, She tells him She will start the pain with his shriveled balls. She gives him a few practice kicks, Her tennis shoes making a smacking sound against his jeans. She paces around him and kicks them from the back, harder and harder, but he keeps a straight face.

Then She has him take off his pants, still on his knees, and starts kicking harder this time, from a variiety of directions. He grunts in pains as each kick lands, harder and harder. His groans increasing in intensity. She has the slave take off his boxers, exposing his flacid cock and balls. She picks up a long, wicked riding crop, and starts tagging the slave with it, giving him red, biting cuts on his back and arms while swinging Her foot harder and harder into his now naked gonads.

“Hold your pathetic worm out of the way, slave. I want clear access to those balls, they’re gonna look like California raisins by the time I’m done with them. And I want you to start thanking me for every kick. You should be grateful that my beautiful feet are anywhere near your disgusting body, slave”

He reluctantly holds up his cock, and She immediately starts launching kicks into his nuts, over and over and over. She starts to get excited:

“YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! TAKE IT SLAVE! Suffer for me!”

He is groaning louder and louder as She unleashes more and more punishment on his poor balls, then makes him lay down on the ground. She takes off Her shoes and starts kicking the balls very, very hard, making slapping sounds and crushing them into his body, he groans louder and louder, trying to roll away from the incredibly intense pain, but She keeps a firm grip on the leash:

“Don’t you dare try to roll away from your punishment slave! Take it!”

He does but starts to groan louder and louder. She makes him hold up his cock again and unleashes a flurry of kicks until the slave is rolling in agony, unable to breathe momentarily, the agony is so intense. This just enrages Her even more, She unleashes a flurry of crops on the slave, then throws down the crop, saying:

“Interview over, slave”

And walks out the dungeon, leaving the slave writhing in agony, wondering if he has failed the test.

Starring: Violet Viper
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Duration: 00:08:17 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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