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Posted: May 15, 2021 в 9:19 pm

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Domina Planet – Violet Viper – A Whole New Ballgame

Mean Teen Queen Violet Viper is in a session with Her new pain slave, but has only taken the pathetic loser through some rather “mild” ball kicking and stomping, whipping, nipple torment, cock-slapping and twisting, spanking, monster cock pegging until his boi-pussy was ripped. But She has yet to really push his pain tolerance to the level he claimed when he won the position from hundreds of candidates that were falling all over themselves to try and serve such a young, hot, cruel, and aggressive Dominatrix. She has the slave in suspension, hands, and legs bound to spreader bars, making him completely defenseless and leaving his balls an easy target for Her kicks. To top things off, She has a large penis-gag stuffed in his mouth, ensuring he cannot protest. Violet strolls into the dungeon carrying a flogger and wearing just a skimpy tank top and a pair of grey booty-shorts and sneakers, revealing Her loooong legs on Her 5’10” frame. She tells him:

“Ok, pain bitch. You told me to pick you out of all of those other slaves, and today we’re gonna find out if you were lying or not. If you were lying, you won’t possess any balls at all after today. Let me know if you don’t want me to do this. Nothing? Or can’t you talk with a rubber cock in your mouth? Well, get used to it, bitch!”

She has been teasingly flogging the slave and lightly giving his balls “practice kicks”, but now unleashes a crushing kick directly to his poor scrotum. He shrieks through the gag to no avail, and She just unleashes an entire series of kicks wearing Her tennis shoes. His balls bounce around and his cock waggles, making Her laugh and him scream through the gag in agony. But this just encourages Her:

“Ok, now I’m gonna do 20 kicks to your stupid toy balls, slave. Ready? GO!”

And She rabbit kicks the slave, leaving him writhing in agony but unable to move because of the suspension. But She takes him down and takes off Her shoes, worried that She’s not hitting him directly enough. She uncuffs him and has him hold his cock up to give Her better access to kicking his balls. She delivers another 30 or so with Her stocking feet, and then takes them off and starts kicking the slave with Her bare feet.

This is the hardest of all, with Violet winding up completely and letting loose with Her full strength, Her leg muscles popping when She connects, and the slave doubling over in real agony, his eyes squinted and his breathing ragged and labored. But She is merciless:

“Did I say we were done you fucking maggot? That’s gonna get you extra kicks. NOW BEG ME TO GIVE YOU MORE KICKS AND TO MAKE THEM HARDER OR WE GO AN EXTRA HOUR”

Which of course he does, and She just says:

“Awww, I thought you’d never ask!”

And starts to kick him so hard he seems to leave the floor momentarily, Her bare skin and foot connecting with his sweaty, aching, and swollen balls, loud CRACK sounds, over and over, again and again. At the end She makes the slave hold his cock up so She can smack his poor, swollen balls with a evil bamboo paddle, like She’s playing a game of cricket. She leaves the slave writhing in a fetal position, completely broken until She decides to come back for more.

Starring: Violet Viper
Size: 371.5 MB
Duration: 00:08:22 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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