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Posted: February 16, 2019 в 9:53 pm

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Amber and Skyler – Break the Bank – Brat Princess 2

In this instructional video, Princesses Amber and Skyler demonstrate how to completely financially destroy a male slave. They have lots of good tips and pointers for Dommes looking to drain every penny out of a slave’s financial reserves. Their method of totally financially dominating a slave is what they call “breaking the bank.” Breaking the bank is a process by which a girl physically beats on a male until it willingly submits. Amber and Skylar suggest ballbusting as one way to drive a slave into its own financial destruction. Both girls kick their demo slave over and over to illustrate how easily it falls to its knees and submits them. Amber explains that the slave must deposit every check directly to her. He isn’t allowed to retain any money for himself, but if she is feeling generous, she might allow it a small stipend for food. This slave grovels and begs for a food stipend. Amber and Skylar laugh and toy with it. When a slave begs, that called “cracking.” This piggy bank is definitely starting to crack. Skylar says that sometimes a slave can be reluctant, but you just have to keep kicking it until it gives.

If the ballbusting doesn’t seem to have the desired effect, you can try slapping your bank in the face. The girls demonstrate by slapping the slave in the face over and over, as hard as they can. Good hard slaps. The girls explain in this section how it helps to mix pain with humiliation. The girls spit all over the slave to really break and humiliate him.

In the final segment of this instructional video, Amber and Skylar show us one the last technique to totally break your human piggy bank. Beat it with a stick. Amber takes a big stick and just starts wailing on the slave’s body. Amber laughs and joins in. The girls take turns hitting the pig with the stick as hard as they can. The most surefire way to crack open a piggy bank is a good old-fashioned beating with a big stick. It works! The piggy breaks down and cries and agrees to let the girls drain the dregs of his financial reserves. Warning, this clip is BRUTAL!!!

Starring: Princess Amber, Princess Skylar
Size: 1.0 GB
Duration: 00:14:16 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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