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Posted: February 4, 2019 в 9:21 am

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When Goddess Tangent and I get together, Mayhem and Mischief is sure to ensue. And poor Alrik is at the receiving end of it.

This is the FULL, one hour long version of Mistresses of Mischief.

Part 1 opens with Mistress Tangent facing a tied up slave boy. He’s bound and gagged with a tight white tape gag over his mouth. Butt plug up his ass. Tangent teases him and plays with him as she checks his ties and gag. He’s gagging a little too much so tangent decides to add another pair of panties. He has no idea what’s coming. Tangent is excited about what’s about to go down. A knock on the door. Sydney is here to check on the merchandise. She’s an interested buyer and hopefully she can strike a deal with Tangent. At first glance, this looks like a great opportunity for Sydney to add another versatile slave boy to her inventory. Of course, she has to do her due diligence first and check him out in detail.

In part 2, our dynamic duo found a way to break into a house where there’s a lot of money stored in a safe. They have already overpowered the owner of the house. The ladies tried gaining access to the safe but the homeowner refused to give up the code. What else are Sydney and Tangent supposed to do other than tying him up? Now that he’s all bound and gagged, he understands the severity of his predicament. Sydney takes the first shift torturing their victim and when Tangent walks in with extra panties and tape for his tape gag, their victim actually gives up the code. Do the ladies release him? Of course not! They’ll take whatever is in the safe AND they’ll continue to play with their slave boy until they have no use for him anymore. Both Tangent and Sydney take turns taunting him, playing with his dick and the ties. Adding a blindfold, they make him hop around his house naked, bound and gagged, until they leave the house, with him in tow.

Part 3 starts off with the dynamic duo of Mistress Tangent and Sydney making out like bandits. Literally. They robbed poor slave boy of his money and now they have him tied up on hands and knees. Face down, butt in the air. The Mistresses are so wrapped up in their kissing that they almost forgot about their plans to butt fuck slave boy. Tangent puts on her biggest strap on and takes it for a spin inside slave boy’s butt hole. Slave boy really has only one option: take it like a big boy. Sydney is thoroughly entertained by the show she gets to witness.

The final of our series is a bittersweet for our slave boy. He gets to cum by the hands of two amazingly hot women, but it’s not exactly on his terms. No, the dynamic duo gets to milk him while he’s all bound and gagged. Tied to a chai with nowhere to go. Sydney starts off by rubbing his dick. Even though slave boy tries to stay relaxed, his mind over matter approach isn’t working well with the two mistresses playing with him. It’s just a matter of time before he releases his load all over the place. Both Tangent and Sydney are super excited to drain his balls.

Starring: Mistress Tangent, AstroDomina
Size: 1.9 GB
Duration: 01:02:00 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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