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Posted: December 8, 2017 в 10:54 am

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I always have such a lovely time ballbusting My favorite little pain slave (most recently seen in My top selling video “Right On The Balls Every Fucking Time”). And it gets more enjoyable every time, because each time W/we see each other, I’ve grown stronger as a result of harder workouts, I’ve gained experience and technique from ballbusting other slaves, and I’ve gotten to know My slave better from the times before. The combination of these things helps Me to break him more and more each time I get the opportunity, as you will see in his reaction to My harder, stronger ballbusting.

Here, after I’ve already busted his balls for 20 minute custom clip and then right from trampling him in “he Learned Not To Knock Me Off”, I go into more ballbusting. I have My slave tied down spread eagle, balls completely at My disposal, and I start out with some squeezing and punching…because I know it’s what hurts him the most. By first breaking him down with the precise punches to his bulging nuts clenched tightly in My , I make it even more painful when I tie up those useless cock and balls for kicks with the hard toe of My boots. My lucky little slave’s cock and balls throb and turn purple as they grow bigger beneath the rope as I sit and continue to punch and slap My toys. Finally, I give into the beta’s begging to stop…only to switch positions. I finish by securely tying My slave to the St Andrew’s cross at the wrists, ankles, and thighs, ensuring I have a stationary target as I deliver My infamous hard kicks to My best slave’s balls, once again out-doing Myself and giving My fans My new best ballbusting clip!

Starring: Janira Wolfe
Size: 909.78 Mb
Duration: 00:16:33 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


Download link:
My Ballbusting Got Harder.mp4 – 909.8 MB

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