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Posted: August 4, 2022 в 3:30 pm

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Janira Wolfe – Training My Roommate Part 1 – CBT

After getting all ready and excited for a hot ballbusting session, My client cancelled…but I was not going to go without getting My fix. I go to My roommate’s bedroom to find him watching TV, and seduce him into letting Me train him to be My slave to use to get out My aggression in such circumstances. My favorite activity is ballbusting, so I start by introducing him to My squeezing, punching, and slapping of the balls. My roommate squirms and moans in pain, but his consistent erection tells Me I can keep going. After a few minutes, I decide to switch up the sensations. I remove My gloves and begin using My nails and barehands, digging My stiletto, French manicured nails into the bitch’s cock and balls for that sharp pain so many would do anything to feel. This is all new to My roommate, so of course he must be pushed beyond his limits in order to satisfy Me, and as is necessary in any slave training. Once I decide W/we’re done with the CBT, I move on to another of My favorite activities: scissorholds

Starring: Janira Wolfe
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