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Posted: December 7, 2017 в 9:50 am

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In Part 2 of this sexy clip my slave gets a great dose of “Pleasure” as I stay in a face sitting position and suck his cock like a pro! My slave is doing everything he can not to cum as my mouth and hands slide up and down his shaft, threatening to bring him to orgasm. He quivers in pleasure trying to hold it back, and I remind him constantly not to let it go or I’ll lose the winning money and have to RUPTURE his Balls in anger LOL. I rotate around to in-between his legs and remove my heels as I continue to slide my tongue all around his knob and give him a mind-blowing blow job. There is a great deal of time spent on the blow job material. You’ll have a tough time holding back yourself! 😛 I’m worried my slave is gonna explode, but luckily the “Torture” buzzer sounds again and I get to ruin his orgasm with some brutal Ball STOMPS! I sit between his legs facing him as I smash stomp after stomp into his nads. I gaspedal him, flutter kick him and put as much weight into SQUASHING his balls as I can. His nuts are going red, but his dick is still hard, so I kick him HARDER! His legs are bound spread eagle to the bed by the ropes and he’s helpless to my sadistic nut-crushing attacks. I sit up, and slap his cock and balls around and even start to punch them again, but luckily for him the “Pleasure” whistle sounds before I can finish them off. I pull out a bottle of lube, oil up my hands, and seductively wrap my fingers around his cock. This game is about to get intense.

Starring: Kelly
Size: 373.69 Mb
Duration: 00:09:17 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
The Stronger Sex_Part 2 of 3.mp4 – 373.7 MB

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