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Posted: September 27, 2017 в 5:05 pm

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Fitness model Melina (AKA Aphrodite) continues her Testicle Squashing assault in part 2 of this incredible series. She starts off with a few more vicious, body lifting Low Blows from the front, before making him suffer through one more “Nut Crushing Ball Lift” where she lifts him off the ground by his Manhood! As this poor losers Nuts threaten to Rupture, Aphrodite elevates him into the air once more with her “Fire Woman’s Carry Lift and Crush”. She essentially positions her hard shoulder into his Groin, before lifting him completely off the ground and across her back. She tries to balance his weight on his Balls as she bounces for added Testicular Damage, and even manages to reach up and squeeze one of his Nads at the same time. She completes 2 of these lifts in total, and as added abuse when she drops him back to the ground she slams her knee deep into his package before his feet even touch the ground. The Ballbusting Body Builder still has a few more tricks to demonstrate.she forces the loser to bend over a chair as she reaches between his legs and grabs a Ball in each hand before Lifting him into the air with a series of Ballbusting Arm Curls. In-between her sets she Pummels him with more brutal Low Blows from behind, and as an amazing finale she Bicep Curls him high off the ground (using his crotch), then she places her foot on the chair, and positions her Knee below him. She drops him onto her Knee and balances him there, forcing his Balls to be Squashed by his own body weight as he’s trapped Crotch first on her Leg/Knee. This bitch doesn’t stop there though, she actually bounces him up and down on her knee and pushes down on him adding to the Ball Abuse until he’s on the ground crying! LMAO! We LOVE this girl!

Starring: Goddess Aphrodite (Melina)
Size: 548.06 Mb
Duration: 00:08:04 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Ballbusting Feats of Strength with Aphrodite_Part 2.mp4 – 548.1 MB

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