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Posted: November 11, 2017 в 9:54 am

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The video and picture preview for this clip doesn’t even begin to touch on the amazing HOTNESS of this Fantasy Cheerleader Female Domination scenario. Shayne and Melina are the sexiest cheerleaders you’ve ever seen, and this sadistic duo has a little game they play every year with the freshmen at their college. They like to “Test out the new meat” by seducing them for a little “play time” and then completely Dominating and Humiliating them as these Brat Girls have the time of their life. The cheerleaders take turns Sitting on his Face and Crushing his Balls with their Punches, Stomps, Tramples and Nut Popping Grabs and Squeezes! They punch him in the belly, they choke him by Standing on his Throat, they Cover his Mouth. Melina especially just Loves digging her claws into this freshman’s package and Crushes his Testicles in her powerful hands. They Smother him with their perfect Asses, and have some fun with Breath Play, but when Shayne realizes how good the vibration of his screams feel on her lady parts when she’s Straddling his face, the game changes and they just want to Bust his BALLS! Shayne continues to Sit on his Face and Melina Butt Drops his Balls over and over again, then they take turns dropping their knees into his Groin and grinding them until they POP!

Starring: Shayne, Melina
Size: 601.83 Mb
Duration: 00:10:55 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Naughty Cheerleaders X2.mp4 – 601.8 MB

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  • Busthim22
    Author: Busthim22 Added January 17, 2020 в 07:45

    What’s the guys name when you happier him every clip?


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