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Posted: February 6, 2023 в 7:10 pm

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Girls Next Door TEAM BALLBUSTER – Lady Shayne’s Signature Moves – Warm Up PT1

In this clip -Warm up part 1-

Lady Shayne will share her brand new signature warmup techniques..… that will allow her submissive to be able to withstand the brutal punishment that will come from all of her new signature moves……


Lady Shayne contacted a legendary ballbuster in hopes to fulfill her destiny as the worlds most elite ball buster….. putting herself on a totally different level than all the rest …

Lady Shayne asked for a tailored collection of the most intimate, controlling and devastating ball busting strikes and submissions ever created……Needless to say – when Lady Shayne asks….she shall receive…..

warmup part 1 – Begins with Lady Shayne reading the “How too’s” of warming up her submissive.

She begins by focusing with pin point accuracy on a “Nice solid grip“ on each nut that seems to go on forever….really crushing both testicles equally… and individually.

Lady Shayne then moves on to kicking Muscleballs with the broad part of her foot…. Really allowing her to drive the bones into his balls……to….”Spread out his energy equally” ….smashing the balls apart and guaranteeing there is even contact with both his nuts at the same time.

It becomes clear….that the warmup is more for Lady Shayne to prevent injuries to herself….and it doesn’t matter if she destroys Muscleballs completely……

Realizing this….Lady Shayne executes rapid fire “Flutter” kicks from behind…..Snapping her toes off his balls until she drops him…..

In this clip…. Lady Shayne demonstrates “How too” …get into a “Loser motivation” mindset… order to generate legitimate reasoning to smash, crush and pull Muscleballs to pieces…..while at the same time giving Muscleballs “incentives”……. to encourage and motivate him to push past his limits so she can really test out her new signature moves to the extreme…..

Lady Shayne starts her loser motivation off by gently squeezing and pulling on both nuts individually at the same time…while Muscleballs squirms like a loser….. only letting go of both nuts to immediately kick him so hard in the balls it drops Him… like a little bitch.

Lady Shayne also touches on a personal fetish of hers…..Tickle torcher ball busting-(Her goal….to push the submissive past the pain limit he would normally tap out at…by tickling him in the process…)

finishing part 1 of the warm up….Lady Shayne moves onto striking with her knees…..”Her pointy knees”….First standing…then with Muscleballs on all 4’s….kneeing him from behind…

Lady Shayne finishes off Muscleballs by landing 22……Flutter kicks in a row …..Seriously snapping her toes off his right testicle causing brutal, surging, pulsing, immobilizing pain in his nut- resulting in the end of warm up….part 1-

Lady Shayne is super sexy and ultra fun in this series! Really Milking all of her ass sets… and showing off her ability to be the greatest ballbuster alive…..

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