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Posted: December 1, 2017 в 10:47 am

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Part 2 picks up right where it left off, with the Goddess of Ballbusting Stomping his Balls into the floor! She is a powerful woman, and the loser tries to block her force, but she drives through pumping and grinding her foot into his Nuts as she leans and balances all her weight onto him. Next she straddles the outside of his hips, and with his legs together she mercilessly Butt Drops his Balls. She bounces Faster and Harder and Higher until finally she hears that Yummy CRUNCH that just gets all our panties wet! LOL! This clip is actually a 2 in 1 bonus, and the second half of the clip is another Wrestling his Balls Off special, where the loser still has a single Testicle remaining and Aphrodite won’t let him leave the studio until it’s destroyed! She pulls his hands away from guarding his groin and she nails him with several Kicks and Knees. He briefly grabs her from behind, and thinks his Nads are safe, but she easily donkey kicks back into his Groin and has him in a lot of pain fast! She pushes him down onto the couch and pounces him by driving her knees and kicks into him even more. Then she climbs onto the couch to Stomp and Trample his Balls with all her weight! She actually stands on his Groin, bounces up and down, and drops her knees into his Nuts! LOL! It’s hilarious. Then she gets a little impatient, and really wants to Pop that remaining Testicle so she grabs his legs, spreads them and begins Stomping, Gaspedalling and leaning all her weight into his Nuts in an attempt to Castrate him! She drops knees again into his crotch, pins his hands over his head, and grinds and knees him harder and harder. The knees turn into Kicks and him groans turn into cries of pain. He falls to the ground, but as he crawls on all-4s she runs up and Kicks him from behind! He doesn’t seem able to stand, so she reaches between his legs, Grabs his Balls and Lifts him into the air! She holds him off the floor for several seconds, bounces, and smiles as she’s holding this guy up by his Nuts! OMG! Awesome! She tosses him onto the couch, Chokes him with her foot and Smacks his Crotch at the same time. When he crumples to the floor she once again, STOMPS his Balls and doesn’t stop until she feels it POP!

She Lives for Ballbusting – Part 1 is Here:

Starring: Goddess Aphrodite
Size: 789.15 Mb
Duration: 00:10:42 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
She Lives for Ballbusting_Part 2.mp4 – 789.1 MB

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