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Posted: September 6, 2017 в 2:44 pm

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This pathetic loser has been begging to have a session with me. He has been writing me day and night offering all types of cash. I finally decided to accept and invited my friend Jasmine Mendez over to enjoy the fun. The nerve of this guy! He shows up late! I was just going to bust his balls but now I’m really pissed. We immediately make him strip down so we can show him what we do to men who are late! Jasmine holds his head in a standing leg scissor so I can get full uninterrupted access to his balls. I start kicking him from behind as he tries to close his legs and hide from my feet. We make him kiss our feet and yell thank you for every vessel we burst in his balls. I decide to make it interesting and grab my boxing gloves. I use his pathetic cock and balls as a speed bag. Jasmine and I take turns punching and kicking his balls. He tries to crumple to the floor in pain but we order him back up to his feet to take more pain. Jasmine knees him mercilessly, as I laugh at his pain. We give him a double kick and make him thank his goddesses for such supreme pain. We order him to lay down on his back and begin stomping on his cock and balls. He’s so terrified of us he keeps trying to close his legs and protect his little manhood. Good thing I have Jasmine to hold him in place. She holds him up as I deliver crushing blows and vicious kicks. He falls to the floor in agony and we order him to kiss our powerful feet while he’s down there. I’m tired of this piece of garbage trying to run away, so I hold his legs spread eagle so Jasmine has a clear shot. She stomps and grinds her sneakers into him and when he groans in pain we just make him do sit-ups! I decided to really hurt him with my boxing gloves. I start punching and don’t stop until this pathetic worm is rolling around dazed from the amount of pain we just rained down on him. Maybe next time he’ll remember to be on time

Starring: Jasmine Mendez, Savannah Fox
Size: 350.88 Mb
Duration: 00:08:26 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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Ballbusting beatdown with trampling.mp4 – 350.9 MB

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