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Posted: June 15, 2017 в 1:53 pm

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Kenzie wants to try out for the Ballbusting team, but first she has to prove to Amadahy and Cali that she can really bust balls. Amadahy and Cali are super competitive, and they dont want to have to carry any deadweight on the team. Cali tells Kenzie that she will need to go full force so that they can see that she can really kick at their level. Amadahy demonstrates a perfect kick for Kenzie to see. Can you do this? Amadahy asks. Kenzie steps up to the kick position. Her first kick is excellent. She drives the kick bags testicles straight up into its throat. Cali gets so excited watching Kenzie kick, she just has to cut in front of her. Cali gives a barrage of hard kicks to the bag. Amadahy just has to kick more too! Come on guys, you are hogging him! Kenzie points out. This is supposed to be her audition and now Amadahy and Cali are just showing off. Kenzie is right. This is her try out, so the girls step back to see what she can do. They tell Kenzie that in order for her to make the team, they need to see ten perfect kicks. It doesnt matter how many kicks it actually takes, though, to get ten perfect ones. Kenzie easily demonstrates ten perfect kicks. She makes the team! Yay! Ok, so now that they know Kenzie has talent, she still needs some time to practice. The next step is for Kenzie to get 100 perfect practice kicks. Again, it doesnt matter how many kicks it actually takes for Kenzie to get 100 perfect ones. Everyone is super excited Kenzie made the team! Kenzie happily starts the process of making 100 perfect practice kicks.

Starring: Amadahy, Cali Carter, Kenzie Taylor
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Duration: 00:08:07 min
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