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Posted: June 17, 2019 в 11:17 pm

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Ball Busted Orgasm – Sarah Diavola, Amadahy

We want your manhood. We want all of it. We want you to never be the same. We want all of the cum inside your balls, and We are going to kick and punch and squeeze it out.
Sarah jerks and milks his male member furiously and expertly, while Amadahy coaxes out his pain with Her nails, sharp high heels, and . We alternate the cock & ball t0rture with excruciatingly exquisite manual stimulation, until the pain and pleasure builds up so tightly that the cock explodes – but he won’t enjoy this orgasm. As soon as the volcano starts to erupt, We let go of his fuck stick and punch his balls repeatedly. The moans are a mix of agony and ecstasy, and as his dick flails in the air desperately, trying to relieve itself of the explosive cum, We laugh as it writhes in pain and the balls swell with bruising. We may have given him an orgasm, but his cock & balls will remember the horrific pain each time he recalls his milking by two of the top Dommes in existence.

Starring: Sarah Diavola, Amadahy
Size: 349 MB
Duration: 00:09:16 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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