Ballbusting / CBT Brat Princess 2

BP – 18 Ballkicks for Little Sisters Birthday Party – Brat Princess 2

BP – 18 Ballkicks for Little Sisters Birthday Party – Brat Princess 2

Princess Natalya’s little sister is turning 18! She is really excited to throw her little sister an awesome 18th birthday party! Natalya asks her friends Amadahy and Sasha to help her with the party plans. Natalya wants to make sure that her little sister’s party has a great ballkicking slave. Ballbusting is going to be the highlight of the party. The girls have tied up a male like a pinata. No matter how hard or brutal any girl is, he will be forced to take it. There will be so many girls at the party! The slave will have to endure kicks from them all. The slave is having a hard time getting kicked by just three girls, imagine how bad it will be for him when there are even more! Amadahy cracks the human pinata wide open, just like the girls will during Natalya’s little sister’s party! Red starts to ooze out of the slave’s balls. The girls don’t care that the human pinata is cracking, all the more reason to bust it more! 22 girls invited to the party, and each one gets 18 kicks! That’s 396 kicks the slave will have to endure the day of (see girls can do math)! It’ll be a birthday bash bashing (we also do cleverish turns of phrase)!

Starring: Natalya, Goddess Amadahy, Sasha Foxxx
Size: 874.5 MB
Duration: 00:11:48 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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