MissLuxmi – SADISTIC BALL PUNCTURING FUN MAKES A RED&WHITE MESS [multi-view] [5 of 14 min]

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Posted: June 15, 2024 в 3:17 pm

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MissLuxmi – SADISTIC BALL PUNCTURING FUN MAKES A RED&WHITE MESS [multi-view] [5 of 14 min]

I need to put my slave in his place periodically and there is no better way than to try to POP his balls wearing very sharp high heels. I need to see red tonight and I’m going to get it. His dick is rock hard at the sight of his Goddess standing over him here to have some fun painting the table red. I start by standing on his balls and pressing my heel into his dick, trying to put it down, but no. He’s really ready to surrender to me tonight. I love it. I stand over him and start jabbing my heel into his helpless testicles over and over, and then start marching on them with both heels. I want to feel the wood under my heel with every step through his balls. I want to destroy him tonight. I step on and squeeze his balls under my sole, so they have no room to slide away, then begin my fun by digging my heel into them. Now I know how hard I need to press to break through and with these now worn heels, it’s going to be easy. After teasing his dick with my heel, I go back to his balls and poke a hole into his right nut [end of clip on c4s]. After, I let him know it’s OK to cry because I don’t care as I puncture and slice his balls into a red mess. I immediately tippy toe on him and grind him down full weight, twisting around as more red leaks out of his balls. I stomp them violently and stain the table as things get serious. I squeeze his balls towards the camera and show off the 3 or 4 holes I made, then attempt to cut and slice him apart. I rub my heel on his bulged-out balls and have my way with them. I crush and stomp his broken balls and splash red on the table. A huge red ball print on the table and a steady stream of fresh red coming out. I stomp them extra hard over and over, taking his breath away then twist on him full weight again. I order him to shut up and then start marching fast and hard on his punctured balls, completely destroying them as he cries in pain. Perfect! Now these balls need to be emptied so I can add some white to my art. I step on his damages balls and rub his still big dick under my red stained soles and get ALL the cum out of them. I spit on him and end my fun time with 10 hard stomps right to his emptied nuts.

Featuring: Miss Luxmi
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