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Posted: November 22, 2023 в 12:54 pm

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I’m in such a relaxed mood and I want to take my time crushing my slave’s dick and balls however I want. I know he is addicted to my soles, and you can see them through my heels! but…he is blind folded and ordered to take whatever I want to do to him. Make them suffer in many ways. No time to brace for impact. Just shut up and take it. What starts off briefly as a slow and pleasureful heel job turns into a vicious ball stomping and trampling that leaves him spilling red from both dick and balls. He needs to learn to enjoy the pain more and more. I have LOTS of fun destroying him under my heels. His useless balls need to be punished often! I stomp and march all over him carelessly as usual. I don’t care where my heels land. At one point, I’m stomping his balls very hard, and my sharp heel is landing right next to his dick each time. If he was to see, he would definitely try to wiggle away but no, not this time. I easily puncture his left ball with my heel about halfway into the clip and he starts to stain the table with red. I crush and grind his balls full weight as I swing back and forth. I stomp repeatedly on his dick with my heel and again, he starts to stain the table as it slowly drips out of his pee hole. I continue smashing his broken balls, flattening them as I rub his dick. Near the end, I step repeatedly all over his destroyed balls with just my heels and he starts to cry in pain. I shut him up real fast. It’s time to end my fun time now. I stand on his purple balls and rub his dick aggressively and empty all the cum out of him! Disappointed I didn’t get pink cum tonight, I spit on his face as he is left broken and emptied in pain. The uncensored version has an extra close, close up showing the damages as I stomp his balls some more.

Featuring: Miss Luxmi
Size: 2.1 GB
Duration: 00:18:57 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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    Author: User Added November 22, 2023 в 13:55

    Thank you very much! Please if you have it, share the clips were she wears cowgirl boots!


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