MADAME CATARINA – Too Much Spikes for My Slave SpursFlash: ENTIRE MOVIE

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Posted: November 5, 2023 в 10:41 am

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MADAME CATARINA – Too Much Spikes for My Slave SpursFlash: ENTIRE MOVIE

Looking stunning in red leather pants, gloves and designer boots with cruel steel heels Madame Catarina has prepared her slave for her afternoon’s entertainment. The cock and balls have been pulled through the ‘cock box’ and placed on a ‘bed of nails’ and then a leather spiked parachute is added as a finishing touch. Madame Catarina is soon crushing the slave’s cock beneath the soles of her boots as she drives it deeper into the sharp spikes below. The slave’s nipples are then tormented beneath her cruel steel heels before Madame puts her spiked nipple clamps to good use laughing as the slave cries in agony as they tear at his flesh. The slave is treated to more trampling of his cock and nipples before being allowed to lick his Mistresses’ boots. Madame Catarina then decides to torment the slave’s nipples and cock with her lighted cigarette before applying her new spiked gloves to the slave’s body. The slave’s cock and balls are pressed deeper into the spikes below firstly with the spiked gloves and then with the soles of her boots. A selection of spiked toys are used on the nipples and then the spurs are dug deep into them. The slave’s cock and balls are sandwiched between the spikes and his red raw cock crushed between them. Just for fun the spiked nipple clamps are fixed to the slave’s cock before Madame Catarina decides that her slave can really take no more and the fun will have to stop…for now.

Featuring: Goddess Kyaa
Size: 1.8 GB
Duration: 00:35:26 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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