MADAME CATARINA – Too Much Spikes for My Slave SpursFlash: CHAPTER ONE

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Posted: October 10, 2023 в 11:54 am

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MADAME CATARINA – Too Much Spikes for My Slave SpursFlash: CHAPTER ONE

Madame Catarina has long been training her extreme masochistic slave Spursflash and delights in making him suffer and scream for her. Today Madame Catarina has a special treat for her slave as she has decided to test out her vast collection of spiked toys on his cock and balls before using themfor cigarette torment and digging her sharp spurs deep into his flesh. Madame Catarina is of course delighted with the results as her slave writhes and cries in pain.

CHAPTER ONE: Madame Catarina is looking amazing in red leather pants, gloves and designer boots with cruel steel heels. Her slave lies helpless before her with his cock and balls already pulled through the ‘cock box’. To make things more interesting Madame Catarina has placed a ‘bed of nails’ beneath his cock and decides to have some sadistic fun. But al is not quite ready as this is obviously not painful enough so places a spike parachute beneath his balls…and now the fun can begin. Firstly Madame Catarina casually works his cock with her beautifully manicured fingers before pressing the soles of her boots hard on his cock driving it deep into the bed of nails. The slave’s nipples are given similar treatment beneath her hard steel heels before Madame Catarina reveals her new toy and a pair of very cruel spiked nipple clamps are attached to the slave’s nipples and Madame Catarina enjoys pulling at the clamps whilst trampling the slave’s cock and balls into the sharp spikes below. The slave writhes in agony as Madame Catarina amuses herself trampling his cock and nipples before allowing her slave to lick the soles of her boots as she rests the sharp heels on his nipples. It is then time for a cigarette and Madame Catarina uses the burning cigarette end to great effect on her slaves nipples and cock…

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