AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS – Betty Kicks Our beta’s Balls

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Posted: August 8, 2023 в 4:50 pm

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AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS – Betty Kicks Our beta’s Balls

The Mean Girls are having fun kicking their beta in the balls for profit. Four girls means FOUR TIMES the kicks! The girls take turns busting the slaves balls while Princess Amber holds the slave. (Amber knows the slave won’t last long once she starts kicking lol)

Ugly Betty is locked in her cage and watching the girls take their turns kicking this slave with envy. Princess Amber hears ugly Betty whining quietly and mumbling some nonsense in her cage, so she and walks over to her cage and Betty starts making dumb remarks so Princess Amber obviously tells her to shut up before dragging her out of the cage to do some “chores”.

But since Goddess Reign has a bad case of “ball-busting foot”, the girls decide to use Ugly Betty as her “Designated Kicker”! Apparently Betty takes lots of self-defense classes, so she manages to literally knock the slave down in agony on her FIRST KICK!

The girls think it’s sooo funny to use a slave like Ugly Betty to kick another slave in the balls for them! And she kicks HARD!! Wow!! This is SO much fun for all involved! (Except the stupid slave we are using for our ballbusting contenting of course. lol) And you can tell Ugly Betty is really enjoying it and really trying HARD to destroy this stupid male slave’s testicles so she can finally be accepted by the pretty Mean Girls!

You see, there’s like a hierarchy in the slave roles at Mean Girl Manor. (Beta males are the absolute lowest, but female slaves are like one step above them.) The Mean Girls take full advantage of Betty and use her to further break down this beta.

– Goddess Draya

Featuring: Princess Amber, Goddess Reign, Ugly Betty, Manor, Goddess Draya
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