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Posted: July 22, 2023 в 3:28 pm

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Red heels on & in the mood to teach my slave a lesson. I have to trample him in heels to remind him of his place and I love being mean. I need him to take whatever I want to do. His dick and balls are to be mercilessly broken tonight. No love, just endless pain. I love dominating him in heels. Cruel ball stomping and lots of hard full weight marching on his balls as I look down to make sure I’m stepping right on them. I’m surprised they didn’t burst open. Maybe with a different pair of heels they will. Only 4 minutes in and I have to ask if he can take it tonight. Knowing not to disappoint me, he has to endure until the end. I will crush the cum out of those big swollen balls. But before I do, I make sure to stomp the hell out of them. No mercy. I’m kind enough to give him a pleasing heel job in-between destroying his balls. He utters “no” which only angers me. I make him surrender to the pain as his balls are flattened under me. I stomp repeatedly, harder than ever, as his balls swell only to be jabbed with my sharp heel. I march one last time full weight on his balls with my heels as he starts to cry and struggle. I hold them down and kick them hard. It’s time to drain these helpless balls! I crush them and rub his dick until he can no longer take it. He shoots out red cum to match my heels! *the censored part on this clip*. Disappointed with how little he came, I stomp his balls hard and degrade him. I spit on him in the end and kick his balls around. He better give me more cum next time.

Featuring: Miss Luxmi
Size: 815.5 MB
Duration: 00:13:30 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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  • User
    Author: User Added July 24, 2023 в 19:35

    She’s awesome as always! Thanks.

  • User
    Author: User Added October 3, 2023 в 16:32

    Can you upload more of she please. Miss her clips. Too many not good clips lately in the site.


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