High Heels Trample Shoejob – Mrs. Anne’s New Year Eve celebration!!!

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Posted: January 16, 2023 в 10:44 am

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High Heels Trample Shoejob – Mrs. Anne’s New Year Eve celebration!!!

This time, Mrs. Anne cites her slave again for her New Years Eve celebration, which of course the slave has to pay. They are at the beach condo and Mrs. Anne decides to wear a sexy black skirt, tan nylons and some new Kenneth Cole Unlisted sparkly platform pumps she bought with the slaves credit card. This pumps have very sharp edged ribbed soles and she thinks they are a great way to celebrate the cumming of the New Year 2016. That is bad for the slave since she has a crazy idea. She also bought a second camera so that her fans can see what she sees every time she tramples, ballbusts and does shoejobs to her slave. Yes from her POV. This clip has trampling, cock grinding, ball busting and shoejob from the slave cam and her POV. Watch her shred the slaves cock under this pumps and hear him moan in pain as she twists the cock and balls. Even more fun, when there are only 10 seconds to New Year, she starts kicking the slave as a count down, 10 bust, 9, bust, 8, bust… the slave is in agony as the kicks are hard and the last kick 1… is with full strength that makes him drop. Mrs. Anne yells Happy New Year as the slave moans in a floor position. But thats not it, those soles need to be officially cummed for the first time this year so she does a harsh shoejob to the slave, which still is sore from the kicks. She strokes those balls and cock very hard until he cant take the pain from the sharp treads on the soles and shoots a massive cumshot. Mrs. Anne is happy and steps the cum before leaving to a fancier party at the hotel, yes with her soles filled with cum. When she comes back, the slave will have to lick the cum from the soles clean and all the filt and dirt stuck to them 🙂 You watch the slave cum from the floor cam and Mrs. Anne point of view. A must for the shoejob lover!!!! 🙂 Happy New Year Best wishes from mrs. Anne and the slave.

Featuring: Mrs. Anne
Size: 574.8 MB
Duration: 00:08:43 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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