A very mean Brat with Mrs. Anne – High heels crush trample shoejob

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Posted: December 3, 2018 в 9:37 pm

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A very mean Brat with Mrs. Anne – High heels crush trample shoejob

Mrs. Anne has found out about her slave serving other mistresses, again!!! Yes again. You may remeber he had served also Mrs. I but to his bad luck Mrs. Anne has found out. She will teach the slave she can be a mean brat too. She makes a surprise visit to the slave at the hotel she now administers (promotion raise) and dressed as a nice mean brat, orders the slave to endure the pain she will inflict on him, to teach him a lesson. This video has handjobs and ballbusting cum filled balls, which causes more pain, she tramples the slaves hand under her new sexy Mia Limited Edition stilettos pumps which are her day to day office shoes, now that she is the manager. She is wearing a lovely Mickey Mouse shirt, pink DKNY jeans, tan nylons and her office pumps. The ribbed soles are filled with sand so they hurt and burn like nothing else before!!!! The slave is in so much agony after the ballbusting that he cant take too much pain. In the end Mrs. Anne does a terribly painful shoejob for the slave with her sand filled pumps soles that make the slave shoot a massive cumshot within minutes. You will love this clips as you see how mean can Mrs. Anne be jusst to remind the slave who he is owned by… She crushes the cum, shows her cum stained soles and leaves back to the hotel as if nothing has happened 🙂

Starring: Mrs. Anne
Size: 353 MB
Duration: 00:06:41 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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