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Posted: November 11, 2022 в 8:58 pm

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Face sitting and ballbusting a restrained slave – Master Bex

I tied my slave tightly, spread eagle to the back of a trailer, with his head positioned on the edge, perfectly placed for me to smother him wit my arse! I squat over him, facesitting him through my pants, pressing down over his mouth and nose, restricting his ability to inhale! I taunt hi, while he’s under my arse, explaining the control I have over him, and the vulnerable position he’s in underneath me! He’s helpless! I rub my arse crack back and forth over his nose, pressing down on his face! I ride his face so hard that I make the trailer rock back and forth! I climb up onto the trailer, and sit on his chest, pushing the full weight of my body onto him, whilst pulling his face into my arse! I spread his legs, restraining them to the side of the trailer! He’s completely helpless now! I begin digging the toe of my boot into his balls, kicking him for my fun! The slave had nowhere to go. He was so tightly restrained that he couldn’t do anything to dodge my kicks! So I increased the pressure, and began kicking him harder and harder, straight in the balls! THIS WAS FUN! I completely crushed his nuts, walloping them hard with my boots, and then pressing down on his cock under my soles, like a filthy slug! I laughed at him while he whined and writhed in agony as I busted his bollocks over and over! I picked up and riding crop and whip and began whipping him hard on his cock and balls! When I’d had enough, I called the beast over to suck on his balls and soothe him after he’d given me so much fun!

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  • Robert Whitney Jr
    Author: Robert Whitney Jr Added November 16, 2022 в 17:55

    I guess they will now put the gay crap on here


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