A new slave to break in with my feet and ballbusting – Master Bex

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Posted: September 20, 2022 в 4:26 pm

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A new slave to break in with my feet and ballbusting – Master Bex

This is my new slave. “Chastity slut”. I introduce him to the sole of my boots, and instruct him to get his filthy tongue between the tread, and give them a good licking to show me what a good little foot slut he is. I guide him all the way, and teach him how I like my boots treating. I instruct him to lick out the pebbles stuck between the rigid rubber tread! He did a good job! I tell him to hold his tongue out so that I can run the bottom of my boots across it! I remove my boots, and press them against his face, covering his mouth and nose, so that he had to breathe through my boot in order to fill his lungs. My sweaty, musky leather boots were now his respirator, filtering the outside air, and inoculating them with the stench of my feet! I rest my damp socked feet on his face, and make him beg me to use his mouth again as the foot bath for my socked feet! I tease him with them, rubbing them ever so gently across his tongue! Then I push my socked foot as far into his mouth as possible, making him suck them for me! I put his tongue to good use on my sweaty socks, and fuck his mouth with my foot, making him retch and gag! I allowed him to massage my foot, before removing my socks and laying him down on his back! I dominated his mouth from above, penetrating it with my toes and feet! He’s a good little foot licker! I moved around him, spread his legs wide and began to bust his balls with mud bare feet! This was the first time I’d ever done ballbusting with bare feet, and I loved it! I also loved the moans and groans he made as I ploughed my feet hard into his bollocks! GREAT FUN! I dragged him up and made him all behind me, kissing my feet after each step! I went behind him again, and busted his balls again, and again, and again! THIS IS AN AWESOME CLIP!

Starring: Master Bex
Size: 596.2 MB
Duration: 00:16:23 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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