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Posted: May 20, 2022 в 7:25 pm

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No mercy for his balls tonight! I expect lots of cum in lots of pain! This turned out to be one of my favorites. Wearing my sexy black heels and black dress, I start my fun by stomping on his balls very hard and grind them down. Verbal humiliation and merciless ball stomping followed afterwards throughout. I jab my thin heels onto his sore balls as he starts to moan endlessly in pain. I inflict as much pain as I want to his balls as I stomp them and stand on them with my heels. Hearing him cry makes me giggle. His balls get big and swollen, so… perfect time to separate them and poke with my heel. I accidentally made the backdrop fall as I was grinding on his balls which angered me…so I made sure to flatten his broken balls hard and jump on them a few times. I toy with his dick a little before going back to stepping, stomping, and grinding his balls. I step on his balls and poke hard with my heel, hoping to penetrate. I’m shocked my heel didn’t pierce right through those big swollen balls. More heel stabbing to ready them for release. I stand on them and vigorously rub his dick until he cums in more pain while I encourage him to release as I laugh away at his pain. I show a close up at the end, spit on him before leaving. His pain threshold has increased! and so will the pain he must feel beneath me. Must have clip if you enjoy seeing me being very cruel.

Starring: Miss Luxmi
Size: 1.9 GB
Duration: 00:18:40 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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